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Study in Poland

About Poland

Poland is among the most popular destinations in Europe chosen by students for affordable and exceptional study abroad experience. With a diverse and rich education history, Poland offers a prestigious European degree that is recognized globally. Universities of Poland offer various courses like medicine, engineering, management, finance, covering every major educational field.


We are one of the pioneers of Polish study visa in India. The affordability and quality of education in Polish universities continues to attract Indian students in large numbers. We offer an elevated platform for these study abroad aspirants to reach the milestone of studying in Poland.

Quality Education

Poland has well developed higher education system. There are main Polish institutions in charge of quality assurance of higher education offered to international students.

These dedicated institutions are the Polish Accreditation Committee, the General Council for Science and Higher Education, and the Conference of Rectors of the Academic Schools. Today 5000+ courses are available to study in Poland and every course is approved by Polish Accreditation Committee.

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Low Tuition Fees

The cost of study in Poland is low in comparison to other European countries. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Poland are shorter than others resulting in low tuition fees.

On average international students can expect tuition fees from 500 – 6,000 EUR/per academic year for Bachelor courses and 1,000 – 8,000 EUR/per academic year for Master's courses.

Sparkling Student Life

Poland has vibrant student life where students can get the chance to party, make new friends, attend music festivals and enjoy film festivals, and more.

There are many cultural and social events organized in Poland. One of them is Juwenalia, a carnival festival organized by universities.

Job Prospects

The country has ample job opportunities for international students. There are many Poland courses that provide work placements and part-time jobs as a part of their programs.

Intakes in Poland

There are two main intakes to apply in Poland that is summer intake and winter intake. Winter intake starts in September/October and ends in February/March on the other hand, Summer intake starts in February and ends in July/August.

Best Courses to Study in Poland

  • Engineering
  • Fashion Designing
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Business & Management Studies
  • Medicine
  • Law Studies
  • Approx Cost of Study in Poland

    Poland is a home to top public and private universities, thus, the cost of tuition fees to study in Poland varies according to the type of university and course you have chosen.

    Although public polish universities have free tuition fees for local students, international students still have to pay tuition fees for the same.

    Below is an average tuition fee for international students to study in Poland. It may vary slightly.

    Course Tuition Fee
    Bachelor Courses 700 – 6,500 EUR/academic year
    Master Courses 1,200 – 9,000 EUR/academic year
    PhD Courses 5000 EUR/academic year
    Dentistry & MBA Courses 9000-16000 EUR/academic year
    Vocational Studies 5000 EUR
    Language and Foundation Courses 2500 EUR

    Approx Cost of Living in Poland

    Student Accommodation Cost in Poland

    The accommodation cost for international students in Poland varies depending on the place and university chosen. Many Polish universities have their own dormitories, which usually offer the cheapest accommodation option in Poland. However, many students like to rent a room in a private apartment.

    Accommodation Type Cost
    Student Residence Halls 80 – 250 EUR/month
    Rent In A Shared Flat 90-160 EUR/month other areas in Poland
    Rent In A Shared Flat 300 – 500 EUR/month in Krakow
    Rent In A Shared Flat 400 – 700 EUR/month in Warsaw

    What are the requirements to study in Poland?

    Basic Eligibility Requirements To Study In Poland

    Course Level Requirements
    Diploma/Certificate Courses Formal education of 10 + 2
    Bachelor’s Courses Completion of 10+2 studies from a recognized institution
    Master’s courses Undergraduate degree in a related field with the minimum required GPA

    Documents Requirements To Study In Polish Universities

  • Application Form
  • English Language Proficiency Proof
  • Letter of Recommendation [LOR] and Statement of Purpose (SOP) as per the university conditions
  • Resume/CV
  • Passport photographs
  • Medical Certificate
  • Payment receipt of admission fees
  • Exams for studying in the Poland

    International students are required to give English Language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. For postgraduate courses, students might require to show GMAT or GRE scorecards as for some courses and in some universities, it is needed for admission.

    Scholarships for Study in Poland

    International students are required to give English Language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. For postgraduate courses, students might require to show GMAT or GRE scorecards as for some courses and in some universities, it is needed for admission.

  • CEEPUS Exchange programme
  • Eastern Partnership and Post-Soviet countries scholarships
  • Scholarships for citizens from developing countries
  • Fulbright Programme
  • Visegrad Scholarship Programme
  • Government of Poland Lukasiewicz scholarships
  • University of Warsaw Fellowship
  • Maria Curie-Sklodowska University Scholarship
  • Ulam International Programme
  • SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities Scholarship
  • Gdansk University of Technology
  • Lazarski University Scholarships

  • Student Visa for Poland(Document Requirement)

  • 1. PASSPORT -

  • 2.1 Visa application form without blanks, signed twice by the applicant - at least 18 years old may lodge and sign a visa application personally the       signature as the one in the passport.

    2.2. Two color photos - specifications: passport type, white background 35mm x 45mm, no more than 6-month-old.

  • 4. APPLICANT'S COVERING LETTER mentioning the purpose and duration of travel, list of attached documents and other useful information.
  • 5.1. Certificate of admission or continuation issued by an educational establishment for the purpose of attending academic course - in accordance       with the format set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education from 23th of September 2019.

    5.2. Proof of payment for studies issued by the educational institution; if studies are free of charge, a confirmation from the university is mandatory.

    5.3. Documents attesting previous education (originals should be presented at the counter):

    A. Higher secondary certificate - if the applicant applies for a visa on the basis of a university certificate on admission to the first year of studies /       foundation course, one must submit the higher secondary certificate legalized/attested/apostilled by MEA/MFA.

    B. Higher studies certificates/diplomas of graduation - if the applicant applies for a visa on the basis of a university certificate on admission to the       second and third cycle studies, he/she must provide the higher studies certificate / diploma of graduation legalized/attested/apostilled by       MEA/MFA.

  • Dates:

  • 7. TRAVEL MEDICAL INSURANCE (TMI) - one copy of the certificate of TMI issued by a company from the list of approved insurance companies       which meet the necessary conditions referred to in Article 25 (1) (2) (a) and Article 25 (1b) of the Act of 12 December 2013 on Foreigners
  • Name of the insurance company: ……………………………..
  • Insurance number: …….………………………………………………
  • Validity: from ……………………………………………………………
  • 8. ACCOMODATION - original document confirming the availability of appropriate accommodation for the intended period of stay in Poland: lease       agreement, decision granting the dormitory or other type of accommodation proof. The documents must contain information about the monthly       fees.
  • 9. DOCUMENTS CONFIRMING THE SUFFICIENT FINANCIAL MEANS (of applicant or sponsor) to cover costs of living (776 PLN/month of the intended       stay) and return travel (2500 PLN) to the country of origin or residence. Attaching one OR more of the following documents is a mandatory:
  • 9.1. Traveler’s cheque(s).

    9.2. Certificate of the amount of the credit card limit issued by the bank (any bank located in India or Poland or another country is allowed).

    9.3. A certificate of availability of money in a bank or a cooperative savings and loan association located in the territory of the Republic of Poland (it       cannot be a bank located in India).

    9.4. A document confirming granting of a national or foreign scholarship

  • In case of sponsorship:
  • Notarized letter of sponsorship - it should be noted that the sponsors are required to cover all travel, living and accommodation expenses of the person applying for the visa.

    9.5. A certificate of employment with monthly salary statement or documents listed above points - 9.1 to 9.4.

    No other documents will be accepted or taken into consideration.

  • 10. MINORS
  • 10.1. Permission to travel from the parent(s)/guardian(s) not present during submission of visa application, legalized/attested/apostilled by MEA/MFA except in cases of a parent having sole custody or guardianship of the minor in which case a court order or other proof of sole custody or guardianship must be provided legalized/attested/apostilled by MEA/MFA. At least one of the parents/legal guardians must be present for the submission of the visa application.

    10.2. Copy of identification document(s) (with signature and photograph) of the parent(s)/guardians having custody/guardianship of the applicant.

    10.3. Birth certificate (if applicable, proof of legal guardianship) legalized/attested/apostilled by MEA/MFA.

  • 11. ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS - applicants are allowed to submit additional documents that they consider useful to explain/justify the trip e.g.             English language test such as: IELTS min. 6.5, TOEFL iBT min. 79 and CAE min. 176 points, are highly recommended as a proof of possessing             the necessary language skills for undertaking studies conducted in English.
  • 12. RESIDENCE PROOF - an official document proving stay in the current jurisdiction.
  • 13.1. One copy of the applicant's passport data pages (the first and the last one).

    13.2. Copy of the pages with Polish/Schengen visas, if issued - if the visas were in the previous passport – copy of that passport’s data pages - the first           and the last one.

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