Faqs for Denmark

FAQs for Denmark

For a glimpse of the cool Scandinavian way of life and exceptional opportunities, put Denmark on your 1st priority list to experience a great culture scene, stunning landscapes and recognized courses to study. Denmark is one of the popular destinations for biking also with long bike routes and specially designed cycle bridges.

1. What are the benefits of studying in Denmark?

There are many benefits for which one should choose Denmark as there study option:

  • Happiest Country in the World
  • Students can earn while studying
  • Business hub of Europe
  • Spouse visa available
  • Health insurance covered by government
  • 2. How to apply for Denmark study visa?

    Once you receive your offer letter and you are done with paying the tuition fees and getting the unconditional offer letter you need to submit the file at VFS and clear your embassy interview to get your student visa.

    3. What are the requirements of Denmark study visa?

    For studying in Denmark, you require to have Language proficiency test and good academics to get enrolment into top universities.

    4. Can I study in Denmark in English?

    Many university teach in English and for a foreign student this is the main advantage that you get your curriculum in English.

    5. Does IELTS require to study in Denmark?

    Yes, IELTS is required to study in Denmark.

    6. Is Denmark good for study?

    Definitely, it is one of the best study destination. And we are saying these because of many concrete reasons like :

  • Happiest Country in the World
  • Students can earn while studying
  • Business hub of Europe
  • Spouse visa available
  • Health insurance covered by government
  • 7. How much does it cost to study in Denmark?

    If you are from an EU/EEA country, you are able to attend Danish universities for free. If you are from any other country, you will pay tuition fees. The tuition fees ranges from 15000 DKK and extends up to 1,20,000 DKK per annum. And as a student, normal living cost around 800-1200 Euros/ Month.

    8. Which are the best universities to study in Denmark?

    There are public as well as private university available for studying in Denmark. Click here to know more about university options available.

    9. Can an Indian student work in Denmark?

    During study period, any international student can work up to 20 Hours per week. And Danish Government is very much strict about the work load and working hours. While after completion of the study, when you get your work permit, at that time you can work for the full time.

    10. How much time it take for Denmark student visa?

    After submitting your file in VFS and completing the Embassy interview, you get your visa result within 15 working days.

    11. What are the best course to study in Denmark?

    As Denmark is one of the happiest country ion world and also is a part of European countries, courses related to business are widely famous. While many options are also available for engineering courses but for career prospect, business programs are well suited.

    12. Is it easy to get PR in Denmark??

    It is easy to get PR, if you apply correctly and you have clear background. You need to stay legally for 5 years in Denmark and should be earning 25,000 Euros / year then you become eligible to apply for PR.

    13. How an education consultant will help me in my Denmark study?

    An education consultant can help you to choose best course option which can help you to frame better career and even they can help to prepare your file for visa procedure.

    14. What are the best Education consultants for Denmark?

    We are the best consultant for Denmark, not only Denmark. Orion Edutech is best education consultant for European education.

    15. Who is Trusted Denmark visa consultant In Indian?

    Orion Edutech is the best trusted consultant for Denmark with 100% visa ratio for Denmark.

    16. What is Denmark VFS?

    VFS is basically Visa Facilitation Services, it is an outsourcing and technology services company that serves governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The company manages visa and passport issuance-related administrative and non-discretionary tasks for its client governments. Denmark VFS help to submit the file for any kind of visa to Denmark Embassy.

    17. Is Denmark expensive?

    No, Denmark is not expensive as all the prices are under direct control of Government and many of the services are provided by Government itself.

    18. Job Opportunities in Denmark after completing the course?

    Denmark offers a wide variety of possibilities for working after graduation. Whether you are strictly focused on advancing your career or want to find the right balance between work and life the Danish job market will have opportunities for you.

    19. Cost of living in Denmark?

    Living in Denmark can cost around 800-1200 Euros/ Month.

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