General FAQ
General FAQ

Can you give me information about options for overseas students to work part-time?

Overseas students can work part-time in UK, Germany, Canada, France, Poland, Australia, USA and many other countries on the basis of study visa and can earn decent payout on hourly basis.

Will language be a concern? If yes, do you also provide training sessions/workshops for the same?

Ans: Language can be a concern in some countries within Europe where English is not the dominant language. We do not provide training sessions/workshops for the same but the universities do keep free classes to train the international students their local language.

How much is the tentative expense that I can foresee being invested in this?

The tentative expense that is invested in this depends from country to country. Some examples of the expense details of certain countries are as given below-


  • 28000 - 35000 AUD for Bachelor's Program
  • 33000 - 40000 AUD for Master's Program
  • Show money of 10-12 lakhs is required through Savings account
  • If 50% tuition fee is paid then show money of Balance Amount of the fees + 10-12 Lakhs is required
  • Budget for survival in Australia - 2500- 2800 AUD per month
  •  CANADA

  • 19000 - 30000 CAD for Bachelor's Program
  • 12000 - 18000 CAD for Post-Graduation Diploma
  • 18500 - 50000 CAD for Master's Program
  • 6 lakhs show money is required in GIC account
  • Budget for survival in Canada - 1500- 2000 CAD per month

  • 14000-25000 GBP for UG Programs
  • 14000-35000 GBP for PG Programs
  • Show money of 10000- 12000 Pounds is required through Savings account
  • If 50% tuition fee is paid then show money of Balance Amount of the fees + 10000-12000 Pounds is required
  • Budget for survival in London – 1300 -1400 GBP per month
  • In other cities – 850 –1350 GBP per month
  •  FRANCE

  • 8500-12500 Euros for UG Programs
  • 14000-27000 Euros for PG Programs
  • Show money of 8000- 12000 Euros is required through savings account
  • If 50% tuition fee is paid then show money of Balance Amount of the fees + 8000-12000 Euros is required
  • Budget for survival in Paris – 1200-1800 Euros per month
  • In other cities- 800 -1000 Euros per month

  • 9500 – 17000 Euros for UG Programs
  • 12000-25000 Euros for PG Programs
  • Budget for survival in Berlin – 1300 Euros per month
  • In Other Cities – 900 -1100 Euros per month
  • Blocked account with 10 lakhs is mandatory
  •  POLAND

  • 3000-4000 Euros for UG program
  • 3000-7000 Euros for PG program
  • Budget for survival- 330 Euros per month
  • Credit card with 8-9 Lakhs is required
  • If Credit card has less than the required amount then show money of 7 Lakhs is required through Savings account

  • Do you also provide assistance in accessing loans from banks and other legal documentation related to them?

    No, we do not provide assistance in accessing loans.

    How do these universities rank in terms of academics, research opportunities, and student support services?

    There are over 300 universities with whom we deal whose world ranking might not remain same every year but it can easily be checked through an university’s Qs ranking and TEH.

    What is the minimum duration for a student to apply for PR (Permanent Residency)?

    We do not handle PR but the minimum duration for a student to apply for PR differs from country to country, the minimum time it takes is 5 years.

    Do you also provide post-admission assistance?

    We do provide post admission assistance such as providing visa related guidelines, booking flight tickets if requested and also facilitating accommodation in order to make the student feel comfortable and give hassle free experience.

    Will you also help identify and find accommodation with student communities in my country?

    Yes, we do help student in finding accommodation in the respective country where he or she has got admission.

    Can you advise me on the accommodation alternatives, medical services, and student support programs available at the universities I'm thinking about?

    Ans: Yes, we do provide service on accommodation alternatives and related to medical insurance.

    What is the best time to apply for the entrance?

    The best time to apply is from March to June for September Intake (Fall Intake) which is the main intake in a year of any given university in any country.

    How much time, tentatively, does the visa application process take?

    Visa application process takes place tentatively one month to one and half month.

    Can you provide information about the structure of LoR (Letter of Recommendation)? And will you be supporting in writing?

    LOR is a document that is generally formatted and signed by the concerned person such as the principal of the candidate’s last educational institute. It is for this reason, we cannot support in writing the LOR.

    Which is the best and most feasible country to study abroad?

    Just to mention one country may not be justifiable over here. We can rather claim that the best and most feasible countries to study abroad are in Europe namely United Kingdom, Germany, France and Poland. The point that supports the claim is high Visa success rate for all these countries. In addition, each country has its own unique qualities such as

     UK offers a variety of programs to choose from. Also in UK, spouse visa holders can work full time and without restrictions.

     Poland offers comparatively reasonable tuition cost for the bachelor and master programs which can be a great opportunity to go for, for anyone whose financial backup may not be strong.

    How many hours should an international student attend classes at the University?

    A full-time program for international students typically requires around 12 to 18 hours per week.

    Are there any orientation programs or resources available to help me adjust to the new environment?

    We do organize orientation programs for the students who take our service to pursue education abroad.

    Are there particular grants or scholarships available to students from my country or background?

    Yes, the scholarships are offered by different universities and countries. Some examples are as mentioned below-

  • On the basis of merit 500-2500 GBP, depending on individual university
  • On the basis of sports 4000 GBP (if someone is a National level player or State level player)

    Different private universities offer discount between 2000- 5000 Euros on the basis of merit


    Early Bird Discount of 10-30% by private universities (if the entire 1st year’s tuition fee is paid well advance before the deadline)

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