Study In France

Study in France

Why Study in France?

France is a popular study-abroad destination due to its rich culture, gastronomy, architecture, and thriving student life. By choosing to study in France, students will have the opportunity to discover a multicultural and open society proud of its history.

The French Education System has been proven to be one of the best and most accessible educational systems in the world. French universities offer around 1500 French programs taught in English.

France has accredited universities and research laboratories, and dedicated veteran professors to help students excel in their academics with excellent learning capabilities.

With over 500 French scholarships available, France is a budget-friendly option for Indian students who want to pursue higher education in foreign countries. A degree from a French university can give you access to 570+ French companies operating in India.

Facts About France

1. The first country to sign a mutual recognition agreement with India

2. 64 Nobel Laureates and 15 Fields Medals

3. 4 French universities are ranked in the top 100 of QS World Rankings 2023

4. An affordable country with reasonable tuition fees and living costs

5. 4th largest destination for international students in the World

6. Has 3500+ higher education institutions

Intakes in France

France has two main intakes for international students. January intake [Spring intake] and September intake [Fall intake] both intakes hold equal importance for students and French universities.

Top Reasons To Choose France For Abroad Education?

  • Home To Top-Ranked Universities & Business School
  • 1 Year Master's Programmes
  • Paid Internship during study
  • Great Part Time Job Market for International Students
  • Government Subsidies & Discounts in the form of Social Security
  • Scholarships
  • Upto 2 Year Post Study Job Search (PSW/APS) Visa
  • Easy Work Visa To PR Paths

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    List of top courses to study in France:

  • Business Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Fashion & Luxury Brand Management
  • Data Analytics, Data Science and AI
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Engineering; Sports Management
  • International Finance
  • Cyber Security
  • ine & Spirits Management
  • anking & Finance; Digital Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Event Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Fintech
  • Arts & Cultural Management
  • International Marketing
  • IT & Security
  • Computer Science

  • Approx Cost of Study in France

    Tuition Fees In French Public Universities

    The education cost in public higher education institutions is relatively low as the French government subsidizes higher education.

    Hence, the tuition fee for Indian students enrolled in public higher education institutes is

    Degree Cost (Euros)
    Bachelor’s €3,000 per year
    Master’s €4,000 per year

    Tuition Fees In French Private Universities

    Education cost in French private universities, especially in French private B-schools, is comparatively higher than in public universities. The tuition fees range from €4,000 to €10,000 per year, however, do check out the official website of the university to learn the exact amount of tuition fee charged for the course you are interested in.

    Approx Cost of Living in France

    The student living costs in France depend on their lifestyle and mainly on the location they choose to live in.

    Below are the country-wise average costs for a student in France

    City Cost (Euros)
    Paris 1,500 to 2,000 Euros per month
    Nice 1,000 to 1,600 Euros per month
    Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Toulouse 900 – 1,300 Euros per month
    Other French cities Around 800 Euros per month

    What are the requirements to study in France?

    The European education system provides International students admission on the basis of a Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI); however, having an IELTS scorecard can make your profile stronger.

    Also, students need to be skilled to clear the university and campus France interview which is quite simple and mainly focuses on your reason to study and language skills.

    Admission requirements for Indian students to study in French universities varies among universities and colleges in France.

    The basic requirements for undergraduate courses are 10+2 certificates from a recognized board and English language proficiency test score proof.

    For postgraduate courses, an undergraduate degree, GMAT / GRE score, English proficiency test score, and work experience(if applicable) is required.

    For a PhD course, a master's degree or equivalent is required.

    Other documents required for Indian students to study in France are

    A. Academic Transcript

    B. National Identity Proof

    C. Valid Passport

    D. Statement Of Purpose

    E. Letter Of recommendation

    F. Application fees and acknowledgement slips

    G. Test Score

    H. Financial Proof

    I. Scholarship Documents (if applicable)

    Exams for studying in France

    The two standardized language tests, TCF (Test de Connaissance du francais - Test of knowledge of French) and Le TEF (Test dâ Evaluation de francais - French assessment test) are required to be taken by students for getting admission to colleges in France.

    Scholarships for Study in France

    French scholarships are provided based on merit and test scores of Indian students. Listed below are some of the well-known scholarships available for Indian students to study in France.

  • Charpak Scholarship
  • Raman-Charpak Fellowship
  • EIT International Excellence Scholarship
  • Technical Fellowship-UICClk x 1
  • The Erasmus Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant

  • France VFS Checklist


  • Passport/Travel Document with at least 2 blank pages (face to face) and having a validity of at least 3 months after intended stay + Old passport
  • Passport photocopy (first and last page)
  • Long stay visa application form correctly filled, dated and signed
  • 2 passport-size photographs not older than 3 months. One must be attached to the application form.
  • OFII attestation duly filled and signed (for more than 6 months studies)
  • Admission letter from the school mentioning the duration and the payable fees
  • Receipt of payment (50% at least or full amount of the tuition fees)
  • For French Government scholarship holder : attestation certifying the amount and duration of the scholarship
  • Covering letter mentioning the purpose of the trip, duration, sponsors, motivation…
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Original + Copy of latest degree / diploma
  • Expenses Statement + Proof of financial means : updated bank statement(s) with sufficient funds, loan.
  • At least 615€/month (around 45 000 rupees) is required or 300€/month in case of free accommodation.
  • For each sponsor :
  •       Covering letter (mentioning social situation and financial elements)

          ID proof

          Last 3 months Bank statement

          Last 3 years ITR

          Last 3 months payslips or proof of professional situation

  • Accomodation proof for at least the first 3 months
  • If accomodation is provided without any charge by an individual :
  •       Undertaking by the person to accommodate the applicant without any charge (affidavit and proof of address)

          Copy of ID card

          Copy of the property deed or lease agreement

          Last income tax paper or copy of the family book (livret de famille)

  • Campus France letter with registration number (for long stay visa)
  • Travel insurance for the first three months
  • Air ticket booking
  • Copy of US, UK and Schengen Visas issued for the past 5 years (including immigration seals)
  • Additional documents could be requested by the Consulate

    How much does it cost to study in France?

    The general course range for master start with 8K/annum tuition fees and in addition to that the average living cost in France ranges from 600 to 1000 Euros depending upon the location you choose as your study destination.

    What are the requirements to study in France?

    The European education system provides the option of assessment on the basis of MOI, having an IELTS is like having cheery on the top of the cake. IELTS helps to make your profile stronger but it is NOT MANDATORY. You need to have skills to clear the university and campus France interview. They are pretty simple and mainly focus upon your motivation to study and language skills. For documentation process you can go through our checklist section.

    Is France good for study?

    France is the ideal place to study abroad for your degree thanks to its rich culture, gastronomy, architecture, and thriving student life! Studying in France gives you the opportunity to learn the language and gain cultural perspective.

    Is it necessary to know French to study in France?

    No, learning French is not compulsory for studying in France, major of the programs are taught in English.

    Is IELTS mandatory for study in France?

    No, You can apply without IELTS in France infact almost all top business schools & universities do accept students on the bases of MOI.

    Where can apply for scholarship?

    Almost all scholarships can be applied through Campus France - you may visit this page to know all available scholarships section on top

    What are grandes écoles?

    The Grandes Écoles of France are higher education establishments that are outside the main framework of the French public university system. The Grandes Écoles are highly selective, elite, and prestigious institutions, their graduates have dominated upper levels of the private and public sectors of French society for decades.

    Is living and working in France after graduation possible?

    Yes, very much possible. If you have studied either RNCP or Grand Ecoles certified master degree program from any school of France, you will be able to apply for APS visa which is in layman terms, ‘ post study job search visa’. Once you get a job, you can convert your visa into Work permit.

    What is triple accredited business school in France? Why applying in accredited school important?

    Accreditation is a quality assurance process in which an independent organisation assesses the educational quality of a specific study programme or educational institution. When a business school is accredited by an organisation, it means that the school meets a set of quality standards, ensuring that students in their business and MBA degrees receive high-quality education. Accreditation is usually provided for specific study programmes, or for a specific time (e.g. for 5 years). After that time, or when there are substantial changes, the university has to request accreditation once more. Business school accreditations are conducted by independent organisations, each of which have developed their own set of standards. The three largest international business school accreditation associations are:

  • AACSB - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (based in Tampa, Florida, USA)
  • AMBA - The Association of MBAs (based in London, United Kingdom)
  • EQUIS - European Quality Improvement System (based in Brussels, Belgium)
  • How much does it cost to study in France?

    Normally good business schools starts with 7500 to 15000 Euros, it can go above as well for some niche programs in top business schools. Public universities often have almost no cost or as low as 3500-7000 Euros. This cost is estimated per year.

    FAQs, in general, to Prepare for University Interview - Study in France

    For University Assessment, interview are done in 2 ways; either Skype Call or Interview by Easy Recruit.

    If the university assess the application by easy recruit, then student get a link to complete their interview and they need to answer the pre-set questions. These questions mainly focus on the language skill and personality of the student. So questions that can be asked in this kind of interview mainly are:

    1. About strength and weakness of student

    2. About hobbies

    3. From where they came to know about University

    4. Why they have opted for particular course.

    While, for Skype Interview, we have listed few of the basic FAQ.

    These basic questions are asked generally and frequently during the university interview and also during the interview with Campus France.

    Tell us something about yourself??

    For any academic interview, Introduction should include details as below: First name

    Educational qualification

    Experience (if any)

    Family context and some information about your personality (you can include hobbies or any extracurricular results)

    What is the reason for choosing further studies?

    The student should link his academic background and experience with choosing their course for further study.

    Why did you choose France for further studies?

  • France offers quality of education
  • France gives quality of life.
  • Offers world-class institutions with a rich tradition.
  • France appeals to be a very safe, peaceful, politically stable country.
  • Geographically and culturally, France is the center of western Europe. Bordered by nine different countries, France is the ideal place from which to discover Europe
  • France offers student benefits such as social security, housing subsidies, low travel costs, post-study work options etc.
  • France is known as one of the best nations for studying fashion.
  • Internship / Partnership and orientation opportunities.
  • Excellent research and development opportunities.
  • French is the third most common commercial language. French is spoken by 270 million people on 5 continents
  • France is a world-class economic power.
  • Interesting enrollment rates in France.
  • France is crossed by large museums and galleries, of which the most famous is certainly the Louvre.
  • Furthermore, by living in France, you will have the opportunity to acquire highly valuable French language skills.
  • France has always made a great contribution to European history, the arts, sciences and politics.
  • French culture has always been focused on craftsmanship and making things aesthetically pleasing.
  • France is famous for its culture, history, excellent food and is home to numerous world-renowned museums.
  • compared to countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, the cost of attending one of the main higher education institutions in France is relatively affordable
  • The French education system offers excellent learning methods enriched with world-class universities, technically sound equipment and well-trained teachers.
  • France is a dynamic and lively country with energetic and friendly people. So overall, it will provide the best education I was looking for in further studies.
  • 4Why you want to study abroad and not in India?

  • the main advantages of studying abroad for many international students is the possibility of immersing themselves in a totally different environment
  • Possibility of obtaining the double degree.
  • Studies abroad are mainly based on practical knowledge.
  • You will acquire a greater knowledge of different cultures
  • View your culture through a new lens
  • Get an international degree and exposure.
  • Increase the international job prospects.
  • Acquire greater knowledge of different cultures.
  • Meet several people.
  • Discover new environment.
  • Get a global mindset.
  • Learn self-sufficiency and gain independence.
  • Learn to appreciate smaller things more.
  • Why this university?

    Students must describe the key USP for choosing a particular university. The information we can include can be:

  • Accreditations
  • Ranking
  • Courses
  • Forms- Modules
  • Faculty
  • Alumnus network
  • Who is your sponsor?

    Please mention the name of your sponsor – It can be parents/gaurdians/siblings/self sponsor.

    How much does life in France cost?

    The cost of living is 1000 euros per month in Paris and in other location it can cost up to 700 Euros per month

    What is your future goal?

    (Below are some examples of future target)

    Entrepreneur: after completing my study by the name of the university, I would go back to my hometown and start my organization which will focus on its development. I assure you that I will learn all the skills necessary to better manage my organization. I am confident that studying at university will give me a solid knowledge of the basic principles of this field and help me acquire the skills necessary to achieve my goal. Even my degree in Course from University will give me a solid foundation and a perfect channel to capitalize on my strengths.

    Work in MNC: after completing my course, I would like to work with a renowned company in Europe, India or anywhere in the world. I wanted to become more effective and progressive in the field of my interest. I am looking forward to doing safe work in renowned companies such as ONGC, BHEL, TATA and many others. I am very confident that after completing this course I can start my professional career with a good position as information system manager, marketing manager, system developer etc.

    Family affairs: after completing the course named after the university, I will return to India and join by hand in the family business. Since my father has always managed the business in a very simple and traditional way, but I want to expand it by implementing new ideas and taking our business to the next level. (For example, since my father runs a temporary shop and I want the chain to grow only in my place, but also in some other part of India, and then take it internationally. So, to bring an exhibition in the sector I will have need market research that will help me understand the essential market value for the business).

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